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”The idea behind Vicario came to me in 2013 while visiting a Norwegian language school in Marbella. This was right about the time when the Spanish property market collapsed. Millions lost their jobs. Meanwhile, there was a construction boom in Norway and skilled workers were in high demand. “Win-win” I thought! Spanish professionals would learn the Norwegian language at the same time as they would acquire knowledge about Norwegian conditions. Consequently, increasing their chances of succeeding in Norway. This makes up the foundation of our philosophy; that all our co-workers should and shall thrive. That they should be given the best development opportunities both as humans beings and as professionals. To sum it up; we will give them all the tools they need to live a good life. A happy worker is a good worker. Today, Vicario employs construction workers from all around the world. I lead a business in growth where our greatest challenge, and our biggest drive, is to make sure our good culture is maintained and developed. ”

Tobias Finsnes,  Manager, Vicario

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